Friday, March 5, 2010

By Julius Tajiddin

The current Paterson saga is disgraceful. Meaning - the people who are behind this conspiracy (and that's what it is) have no shame. Over Yankee tickets? Come on.

He should have been invited to the opening game of the World Series in the first place. He's the Governor. And folks just so you'll know, the governor also performs ceremonial duties.
Attending the World Series Yankee game would be just that. Columbus Day Parade, etc. Trust me. A governor's attendance at a Yankee World Series Game in New York is a ceremonial duty. It might be a fun one. But who says you can't have a fun day on the job?

There might have been a situation where people on his staff couldn't believe that he wasn't initially invited and pushed the issue. Then someone on the Yankee side felt embarassed and invited him last minute. And when he got there people were informed that he was to be announced. Don't you think? And he should have. I go to games and this is what they do. It's also called Public Relations. Maybe even throw the first ball. And he got snubbed. Uh? What about that specualtion? However, that doesn't nullify the initial intent. His role there would still be considered a ceremonial duty. A governor Going to the World Series in his home state is an official gubernatorial function. I'm sorry. Someone tell me different. But you better make sense.

Now maybe the Guv don't talk about every time he gets snubbed, like when I personally saw how he was treated with disrespect at the Columbus Day Parade. So folks don't know what's going on and how he's really being treated. How he's being treated not only because he's a Black man, but a blind Black man. What's wrong with these realistic possibilitties? Let's continue with the Yankee tickets ordeal.

So maybe some folks have to answer for those tickets because maybe certain idiots still don't get it. He's being treated like a community leader and not the Governor. And rather than to make waves, because that's just the nature of this humble man, he tells whoever that he'll pay for the tickets. But realize, this all can slip past him because remember the initial intent? Doesn't this all sound logical? I guess if you think he doesn't belong in the mansion in the first place, rather the plantation, maybe a twisted or brainwashed logic doesn't get it.

So he pays for the tickets (post dated check - right? - after the game - get it?) And maybe someone else did endorse the check. So!
Do you hear the Guv saying that it was unauthorized. He is blind you know. I can think of a million reasons why a busy man like him couldn't personally sign a check at a particular moment, especially when he was being sweated for some damn Yankee tickets that he should have gotten for free in the first place. Look. This man is a lawyer and the governor. Don't you think he knows how to handle gubernatorial ceremonial matters? So really he's being harrassed. But for what reason? That's the real question.

And let's use common sense with the situation involving his top aide. Don't you think that [Paterson] also has a close relationship with his top aide's girlfriend? Don't you think that he would legitimately be concerned of a situation as alleged and wanted to simply talk to this woman as a friend? Maybe he's got to evaluate who he has as his top aide. It's called collateral damage control.

The only way that he could abuse his power in this regard is if he used his Guv's influence to coerce her not to go forward with her complaint or make a statement or something else similar. But he's also within his right to investigate the matter through his powers. It seems certain people are looking for the smallest thing that is so so subjective.

I will end with this remark, which is not conclusive of all my feelings. What all this shows is that although [we] are very much alike. Our past makes [us] so so different.

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